RootsWeb’s WC Project: A combination of several different lines of my family. – Malinda M. “Milly” Crump + William L. Green (St. Clair Co., AL)

ID: I383883
Name: Malinda M. “Milly” Crump
Sex: FName: Malinda Crump
Name: Malinda Milley Crump
Birth: 1801 in Franklin Co, GA
Birth: ABT 1801 in Franklin County, Georgia
Birth: 1801 in Franklin County, Georgia
Death: ABT 1859 in St. Clair Co, AL
Death: in St Clair Co., Alabama
Death: 26 JUN 1860 in St Clair Co., Alabama

Source:  combination of several different lines of my family. – Van S. G. Leslie(Lesley) (1828-1895) [Collateral line: GREEN]

Van S. G. Leslie (Lesley)

[ NOTE:      Inlaws to P. Everett, direct line of Diane Green (Everett). ]

Van S. G. Leslie(Lesley) is your third cousin five times removed’s husband’s first cousin once removed’s husband’s first cousin.

You [CAA] →
Gerald Lee Abernathy your father→
Lee Abernathy his father→
Luota Grant (Leota Mary Anne) Ferguson his mother→
Robert Nathan Ferguson her father→
Robert Marion Ferguson his father→
Andrew Fitzpatrick Ferguson his father→
Robert “Robin L.” Ferguson his father→
William Ferguson his father→
Robert Ferguson, II his brother→
Robert Ferguson, II Ihis son→
Sarah “Sally” Scott (Ferguson) his daughter→
Rachel Hood her daughter→
William W. Hood her husband→
Nipper Thomas L. Hood his father→
Thomas Hood his father→
Travis Hood his brother→
Leona Lesley his daughter→
David Lesley her husband→
William Leslie (Lesley) his father→
Wilson Leslie (Lesley) his brother→
Van S. G. Leslie (Lesley) his son
[NOTE: Van was father of: James H. Lesley; Van was born: 13 Nov. 1828 in South Carolina, and died: 23 June 1895 in Jefferson County, Alabama]

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Source: Geni – Van S. G. Leslie(Lesley) (1828-1895)

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Memorials: with a grave photo   –   5  records   List

In: Green-Awtrey Cemetery

(2427594) – Whitney, St. Clair County, Alabama, USA

Awtrey, Francinia Mahala Morris 80924159 – b. Aug. 10, 1824 d. Aug. 10, 1908

Awtrey, James Henry 80924101 – b. Jan. 2, 1820 d. Oct. 31, 1901

Awtrey, Mary Elizabeth Stanton 82021298 – b. Dec. 18, 1869 d. Jul. 16, 1944

Awtrey, Phillip Henry 82021175 – b. Dec. 5, 1862 d. Apr. 4, 1933

Awtrey, Dr Phillip McKinley 82021528 – b. Jul. 30, 1894 d. Jan. 6, 1919

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Geni – Robert Alvin Green (c.1866-d.)

Robert Alvin Green

Robert Alvin Green is your first cousin 11 times removed’s husband’s 6th great niece’s husband.

You [CAA]  →
Gerald Lee Abernathy your father →
Lee Abernathy his father →
Benjamin Franklin Abernethy his father →
William Pinkney (Willie P.) Abernethy his father →
Benjamin Logan (Logan Benjamin) Abernethy his father →
Turner T. Abernethy his father →
Robert Abernathy his father →
David Abernathy, Sr. his father →
Mary Howell Abernathy his mother →
Samuel Harwell, 1680 her father →
Anne Harwell his mother →
Captain Henry Batte her father →
Thomas Batte his brother →
Amy Jones his daughter →
Capt. Richard Jones her husband →
John Jones his brother →
Elizabeth Matthews Eaves his daughter →
Graves Eaves, II her son →
Bartlett Yancy Eaves, Sr. his son →
Nancy Autrey his daughter →
James Henry Autrey her son →
Charity Myrta Hathcock his daughter →
Mary Frances Green her daughter →
Robert Alvin Green her husband

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Source: Geni – Robert Alvin Green (c.1866-d.)